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Wrong friends

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1433 days ago, 1998686 views

Copied and pasted information from one of the user: it's real gang in malaysia, they dont even get prosecuted after report police with video evidence, get on all sort of news channel but not malay language paper, because in malaysia, malay race are allow to do that to other race and nothing would happen to them. next thing u know, these little shit know which group to target would scot free and spread their proud tactic on their 'child pic' whatsapp group, . they call it their priviledge.

Tags: rare scandals, Gangbang
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jrcjackal - 542 days ago
Malaysia, eh? As in, the malformed part of Asia.
Troubled - 581 days ago
Any one got some tips on where to find more like this?
deeznutz - 837 days ago
daaaang, bruh

good tho
FunkyPhantom - 851 days ago
If it is real, and it appears that it could be... I can't help but wonder how long they had control of her and how many different guys got to seed her.
kaamakunji - 936 days ago
She was probably chinese and the guys malay
pinaylover - 955 days ago
good bitch
RivieraCocktail - 1347 days ago
In this case what particular race was targetted? Isn’t it not a Malay too?
manic - 1427 days ago
It's a good , and that's what I came here to see. Fuck politics and morals. She got what she needed plain and simple